A while ago, I put together another board on the STYLONYM Pinterest: Outfits. After some time, it evolved to be a 'draw together' of my favorite outfits from my favorite bloggers. So what better who to introduce you to my bloggers' hotlist, by showing you my favorite outfits from them? Enjoy - and have a great Thursday!

1. Figtny. A blog I discovered recently: quite laidback, minimal and cozy if I had to describe it. Pictures are deployed rather than words, which I genuinely appreciate. 

2. MyDubio. What you'll find here is how to take minimal to the next level in terms of fashion, interior & DIY. Also, Joyce has a great taste in fashion, has the guts to put together not-so-obvious/ interesting yet beautiful outfits ánd is down to earth. A definite favorite. 

3. Fashion Me Now. Also one of my latest discoveries, but not per sé in the fashionblog categorie - this blog is much more than that. Lucy has a great sense of style and does fashion, travel, interior in a way I haven't seen before - right up my alley. 

4. Raspberry & Rouge. A blog I keep on coming back to, because Rebecca's style is just so diverse and unique at the same time - I like how she dares to combine pieces or pulls off an item that I wouldn't think about wearing. In other words, I appreciate her guts and the inspiration it brings forward!

5. Look de Pernille. My Scandinavian baken of inspiration, oh yes. This woman styles outfits like no one else, providing tons of inspiration, and introduces me to the next best things - often from Scandinavia. 

6. Camille over the Rainbow. Fun writing combined with a great ánd unique sense of style - a favorite from the first moment I stepped into the world of fashionblogs. 



Currently having a major crush on the editorial below: Oversized x Minimal x Sport .. how good can it get? This editorial from Flare Magazine does the trick, providing all the more inspiration for the aftersummer days to come. Happy Monday! Pictures from the Fashionography



Yeak, weather transitions aren't my cup of tea. Feels like we're already somewhere near the end of the year, doesn't it? Completely in line with this development, I will be spending my weekend with a cold. The moodboard below reveals how exactly: with loads of tea (Maroccan Mint!!) and pillows/ blankets, some shopping (my favorite store Zoe and Lola went into 70% off sale, this Filippa K Tencil Shirt is on my list - not to talk about the new H&M Fashion Week collection and the Zara collection), snuggling and some proper food - salmon sandwiches to begin with. And if all goes well a bit of swimming too, on Sunday.

What are your plans for the weekend? Hope you'll have a good one!



After a truely wonderful summer, the first hints of autumn have now arrived .. and yeak, I wasn't ready for that. I've got 2 more weeks of free time left in which I had hoped to change houses, have many dinner dates and do some running - in the sun, that is. But it doesn't look like that will be happening, which in turn results in this Inspiration Monday post with a beautiful warm editorial from Vogue Russia: you will be needing these comfortable, warm and gorgeous knits very soon, I'm afraid .. Pictures from the Fashionography 



Sorry for the silence! My life has been pretty chaotic lately, with an ultimate high being the signing of our new rental contract for a stunning place in Haarlem just 2 days ago. We're moving out, off to new adventures! In the scope of the next 2 weeks we will leave Enschede (eastern part of the Netherlands) for Haarlem (coastal area near Amsterdam) and move into the street you see above. It will be just in time to start my first grownup job on September 1st .. 



If only. It's a phrase I use quite common - whenever I run into the most beautiful pieces of clothing/ shoes/ etc which are too far out of my budget comfortzone. But no complaining here, yours truly knows that being a 25yearold university graduate who starts her first real job in September ánd keeps a wellthought purchase regime shapes opportunities for some serious designer purchases in the future. Untill then I keep on dreaming with the wishlist below. In case you're well ahead of the dreaming phase, click below to shop!



Copenhagen Fashionweek has came and went, the September'issues of our favorite fashionmagazines are making their appearance in store and in a few weeks time we'll be wrapping our heads around the new SS15 collections during the Big 4 of fashionweeks. Pretty much to consume, right? In the current 'calm before the storm', I feel some sort of tendency to cling onto the quiet, minimal and the natural, as in this editorial from The Edit by Net-A-Porter with Dutch supermodel Lara Stone. Love the serenity of the pictures, can't say otherwise - and I enjoy it even more knowing that not too long from now the fashionrollercoaster will take off, again. Hope you'll enjoy it too - have a great Monday! 
Pictures from the Fashionography



Grabbed back to both an older editorial and an older wisdom today - how fashion is wellserved by a bit of balance, shown by this editorial from Vogue Russia September 2012. It's beyond doubt one of my favorite editorials because it flawlessly combines two styles that essentially can be eachothers' opposites: casual and chic. This editorial captures both equally, creating the perfect balance. Happy Monday! Pictures from Studded Hearts